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Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Today's market has several helpful machines, including ones that make non-woven cloth bags. Similarly, Non-woven bag making machine is used to create bags of various sizes and forms. This is a phenomenal technique to create new bags for yourself or to sell or utilize old fabric. By producing sturdy, long-lasting bags, this machine may help you save time and money. A multitude of various bag types, including shopping bags, product bags, and more, may be produced with this kind of machine because of its extreme versatility.

Any business that wishes to lessen its influence on the environment should consider investing in non-woven bag making machine. So, are you searching for a non-woven fabric bag making machine to pace up your business? There is just one place to go: Rottaprintindia, one of the best non-woven bags making machine manufacturer and suppliers in India, where products are renowned for their reliability and world-class quality.

All of Rottaprintindia's machines are constructed using cutting-edge technology. Moreover, we have a team of talented professionals that can accompany you in identifying the suitable equipment for your requirements. Also, you may get guidance from our specialists for installing and configuring the non-woven bag making machine so you can start making bags right away.

We also provide after-sales service and support to ensure that your equipment runs well for many years to come. Get in touch with Rottaprintindia experts right away to find out more about our equipment and how we can support the launch or growth of your company.

Standard Features of Non woven bag making machine

  • This machine is an automatic non-woven bag making machine in India that can produce and package an endless number of bags with the help of its heating and cooling units.
  • The machine's automation makes it easy to use, as the user can simply choose their desired size and the length of their bag and then feed it into the machine.
  • This machine adopts Taiwan touch screen computer display, PLC computer program which can be edited.
  • Auto meter counting & stopping, could freely setting number.
  • Computer fixed-length, printing colour mark track orientation, Auto-stop when complete.
  • High voltage static processor, Auto constant temperature heating controller.
  • The semi-automatic non-woven bag making machine price in India is affordable and has the function of automatic punching.
  • Unwinding magnetic powder tension control with manual, Auto side-correction control.
  • These machines are pretty much hands-free, so you can use them without having to worry about any accidents.
  • This high-speed non-woven bag making machine adopt ultrasonic welding of all aspects, bag mouth folding welding, side sealing, once full completed, fast speed, easy to operate, firm sealing, beautiful and decent.
Non Woven Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

Type R - 600 R - 700 R - 800
Production Speed 20-120 pcs/min 20-120 pcs/min 20-120 pcs/min
Bag Width 100-800 mm 100-800 mm 100-800 mm
Bag Length 200-480 mm 200-580 mm 200-680 mm
Bag Thickness 30-120 gsm 30-120 gsm 30-120 gsm
Power Supply 380 V/220V 380 V/220V 380 V/220V
Total Power 6 KW 6 KW 6 KW
Owerall Dimension (L*W*H) 7600x1650x1800 mm 8000x1800x2000 mm 8500x1850x2000 mm
Weight 1800 KG 1800 KG 2100 KG


1) Are non-woven bags safe for the environment?

Since non-woven bags are a viable substitute for plastic, they are an excellent option for environmental friendliness. They are reusable and constructed of environmentally-friendly materials. They do not release any hazardous waste into the environment and are also eco-friendly.

2) How can I start a non-woven bag making business?

Starting a company that produces non-woven bags is a difficult but rewarding journey. I if you are new to the sector, it is advised that you get in touch with RottaprintIndia experts for a top-notch non-woven bag making machine. We'll provide you with all the advice you need to accomplish your business goals from installation to configuration.

3) What is the fully automatic non-woven bag making machine in India price?

The non-woven bag making machine price in India at Rottaprintindia is unbeatable from market rates. Contact our passionate professionals without hesitation to reserve the best-in-class machine at your fingertips for a reasonable price.

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