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Newspaper Printing Machine

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    NEWSPAPER PRINTING MACHINE is a flagship machine of Rotta Print India Pvt Ltd. This machine has got full flexibility and high production and quality features. With 2 nos. reel stands, 2 nos. 4 high towers and one folder of 30,000 speed, gives 8pages folded and cut as per newspaper size. We have capability of printing machines either 16 pages, 4 colour or 20 pages 4 colours or 24 pages 4 colours. There is a clutch/declutch system to connect and disconnect one printing tower. Its 100% uptime performance gives the printer a competitive edge over its competition. Printer can plan more jobs and high-volume production easily on this machine. Its various top-notch features and control system enables it run day in and day out. It's a operator friendly machine with remote connectivity feature.

    Cut-off sizes: 508mm, 533mm, 546mm, 560mm, 578mm, 610mm and 630mm.

    • 24 Page Newspaper Printing Machine
    • 20 Page Newspaper Printing Machine
    • 16 Page Newspaper Printing Machine
    • 12 Page Newspaper Printing Machine
    • 8 Page Newspaper Printing Machine
    • 4 Page Newspaper Printing Machine

    Folding Unit Web Offset Folding Unit Web Offset
    High Grade, Stress-relieved Cast Iron (Seasoned Casting) which is machined on CNC Machines-VMC/HMC
    Lever Type swing down-down ink fountain with overrides for ink fountain roller
    Cloth dampening system
    Stainless Steel dampening rollers(unbent) Slit
    Dynamically-balanced hard chromium plated Plate & Blanket cylinders
    On the nose, slit type plate lock up system
    SG Iron Sleeves, grade 600/3 for Plate & Blanket cylinders(T-BAR)
    Steel Bearing grade Bushes SAE 52100 in main frame for Plate & Blanket cylinders Sleeves
    Manual running Circumferential register (RCR)
    Manual side register system for both Plate cylinders, on the run
    Bustle Wheel assembly for fan out correction
    High quality powder coated safety guards
    Centralized oil pressure lubrication for drive gears
    Heavy-duty timer belt drive for Stack unit
    Variable-speed motorized dampening
    Centralized water circulation system
    PU covered ink vibrator roller
    T-Bar blanket lock up system
    Anti-set web transfer grater roller
    Heavy-duty compensator
    Optional Features
    Pneumatic on/Off for ink Roller, Damping Roller, Plate & Imp cylinders
    Motorization of running circumference register (RCR) & side lay registers along with motorized compensator on folder for each web
    Brush mist dampening system
    Spray Dampening system
    Narrow Gap Blanket cylinders
    Solid Stainless-Steel Plate & Blanket cylinders
    Auto registration & auto cut off system
    Auto Reel Splicer


    The Motorization is provided for running circumference register and side lay register for the whole machine along with Motorized compensator on folder for each printing machine.

    Independent control of each motor is provided on the central control desk for remote operation. Also, it becomes an integral part of the system in case an auto registration control device is provided with the printing unit.

    RottaSpeed Web Offset Machine


    The pneumatic on-off control is provided for Ink rollers & dampening rollers and impression cylinders with the help of pneumatic cylinders and a gang of solenoid valves. It isolates the rubber parts/rollers from other contact parts when the machine is idle. It saves operational time & makes the printing unit user friendly and easy to control even from the control desk.

    Technical Specifications

    Machine Cut off (mm) 508 533 546 560 578 610 630
    Paper width full reel (mm) 660-889 660-889 660-889 660-889 660-889 660-889 660-889
    Max. reel dia (mm) 1300 1300 1300 1300 1300 1300 1300
    Plate width (mm) 889 889 889 889 889 889 889
    Plate length (unbent) Slit (mm)(unbent) Slit 538 563 576 590 608 640 660
    Plate thickness (mm) 0.28 0.28 0.28 0.28 0.28 0.28 0.28
    Plate & Blanket width (mm) 889 889 889 889 889 889 889
    Blanket Length (T-BAR) (mm)(T-BAR) 556 581 594 608 626 658 678
    Blanket Length (Narrow gap) (mm) 576 601 614 628 646 678 698
    Blanket thickness (mm) 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7


    Rs1 + 4Hi1 + URS1 + 4Hi2 + URS2 + 4Hi3 + Super Folder with Upper Former + 4Hi4 + URS3 + 4Hi5 + RS2

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